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One Lovely Blog Award - Alicia in Wonderland Blog

One Lovely Blog Award – Alicia in Wonderland Blog


Last week, the wonderfully sweet writer of Making it as a Mum nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. :) I am incredibly flattered to receive this honor! Be sure to check out her blog here…it is filled with tons of witty and wonderfully honest musings about motherhood.

The Rules for accepting the Award(s):
  1. Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 things about…

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Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Cold & Flu Blast Soup Recipe

Wellness Wednesday: Vegan Cold & Flu Blast Soup Recipe

Vegan Cold & Flu Blast Soup - aliciainwonderlandblog

I have been making this soup for years and it has always helped me recover from a cold or flu in a hurry. It was inspired by some of the advice my grandpa used to give when we were sick as kids (my grandpa was a D.O. and an M.D. and preferred to find more natural solutions for illness when possible, instead of taking things like cold medicine). Every time I have gotten sick in the past few…

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Weekly Dose of Edison: Future Little Chef

Weekly Dose of Edison: Future Little Chef

This little wooden kitchen is one of my favorite things that we have gotten for Edison. My husband kind of thought I was losing my mind when I said I wanted to get a mini kitchen for Edison to put in our kitchen. For one thing, our kitchen is small. A tiny galley kitchen. It is definitely a one-chef only kind of kitchen, but there was a tiny bit of space near the doors to the patio that could be…

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Our New Tot School Homeschooling Room

Our New Tot School Homeschooling Room

Last week, I started something that I know many people would probably consider nuts. I set up a homeschool room for our 17 1/2 month old son. Before you immediately start sending me nasty emails or comments, let me explain why I started with this now. :)

Initially, the room setup did not start with the intention of being a homeschool room. I am committed to the idea of homeschooling our son once…

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Transitioning from Baby’s Nursery to Toddler’s Room

Transitioning from Baby’s Nursery to Toddler’s Room

You may have seen my previous post about our son’s baby nursery design. Now that he is no longer a baby, I have made several changes to his room and wanted to do a follow up post with his updated room. One of the major changes was that I rearranged all of the furniture. I wanted to create a layout that gave him more room to play on the floor. Also, he started climbing up on the daybed to look out…

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Letting Go of Worrying What Others Think About Us

Letting Go of Worrying What Others Think About Us

Friends and loyal readers, I have a confession to make. I have failed my family in one crucial area ever since our son started walking. I have let what others say get the best of me, usually preventing us from enjoying mass on Sunday, and a few times when our son was having a particularly wild day, we did not even go for fear that we were going to annoy everyone else. As moms, we tend to be the…

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Around Town: Day Trip to Downtown L.A.

Around Town: Day Trip to Downtown L.A.

♫ ♪♩ “Downtown” by Petula Clark ♩♪♫

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go downtown
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown
Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all…

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Wellness Wednesday: My Herb Garden Tour

I have been working on my herb garden expansion for a few months now, I am very excited to give a tour of my complete collection! I started out just growing culinary herbs and lavender. I started using lavender for so many things that it sparked an interest for me in growing other medicinal herbs. Lavender the plant and lavender the essential oil were both my “gateway drugs” into expanding my…

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Why I Blog + Keeping Poisonous Plants Out of Our Garden

Why I Blog + Keeping Poisonous Plants Out of Our Garden

Sometimes I wonder why I bother blogging at all. Some days it seems like many people view bloggers as just someone to contradict, like the internet is one big arena of the high school debate team. I know I personally do not blog to try to start arguments, debates, or be insulted about the way that we live our lives, and I cannot imagine any blogger who would write with that intention. Most…

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Introducing Wellness Wednesday: Natural Pet Care

Introducing Wellness Wednesday: Natural Pet Care

Back when I was a child, I wanted to go into the medical field. My grandfather started out as a D.O. and then later got his M.D. He was a big influence on my interest in the medical field, and since he started out as a D.O., he always tried to find a natural solution first, unlike many medical doctors these days. My first choice in life would have been to be a veterinarian, but I could not handle…

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How To Deal with Miscarriage, Postpartum Depression & Lingering Pain

How To Deal with Miscarriage, Postpartum Depression & Lingering Pain

People often talk about the trials of postpartum depression that sometimes face a new mother with a baby. Your hormones are going through lots of intense changes, your body has gone through some huge trials, and you are beyond exhausted. Any woman who has ever had a bad case of PMS (and any man in her life for that matter), should understand on some level how hormones can play serious havoc on…

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Weekly Dose of Edison: Orange County Fair 2014 Wrapup

I took a lot of pictures this year during our time at the Orange County Fair, and I wanted to share some of my favorites (the ones that I haven’t posted already anyway).


Getting my flowers ready to bring for the cut flower competition.
I entered two different giant squashes, on two different weeks. The second one was not as big as my first one. This one won third prize.
My limes did not win a…

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My Summer Reading List


I have to admit, I am not very organized with my gardening. I try at times, but I end up gardening more like an artist than a scientist (and that aggravates my engineer husband at times). I fertilize and water the plants based on how much I feel they need, not calculated amounts. I try to keep on a schedule but I always loose track. I decided that going forward, I am going to get a lot more…

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My $20 Greenhouse/Shed Makeover & Garden Updates

My $20 Greenhouse/Shed Makeover & Garden Updates

Recently, my husband and I sat down and went through and organized our lists of projects that still need to be completed for our house. We prioritized things into URGENT, high priority, medium priority, and low priority. One of the things on my list was that I wanted a new greenhouse (made out of the recycled windows that I have been collecting), and I wanted a cuter garden shed. Once I realized…

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When Did it Become Okay to Photograph Strangers’ Children Without Permission?

When Did it Become Okay to Photograph Strangers’ Children Without Permission?


In the past few weeks, we have gone to the Orange County Fair a couple of times (other than when I was dropping off/picking up my gardening entries). I noticed on the OC Fair website that they are having a “Many Faces of the Fair” photo contest. Since it is only open to amateur photographers, I am not eligible to enter, but I of course still want to get photographs of my own child when we have…

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