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Info on the new website and recent changes, up on the photography blog today! http://www.aliciainwonderlandphotography.com/blog/children/2014/07/new-website/

Info on the new website and recent changes, up on the photography blog today! http://www.aliciainwonderlandphotography.com/blog/children/2014/07/new-website/

Daily Dose of Edison - Free Train Rides!

Daily Dose of Edison – Free Train Rides!

Edison and I have been to these free train rides in Torrance before, but this time we brought along my husband and some friends. The train rides take place at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA, and are free on the first Sunday and third Saturday of every month! It is such an adorable little area, with lots of little rustic decorations. Great fun for little ones and parents too!
Mom! Can’t you see I’m…

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Daily Dose of Edison - Summertime Fun

Daily Dose of Edison – Summertime Fun

Edison and I have been spending a fair amount of time at the beach in the morning lately. He absolutely loves playing in the sand but so far is absolutely terrified by going near the ocean.

I brought his bathing suit for him, but he would not cooperate with an outfit change. I had made these pants for him the night before, and he was so excited to get to wear something I made (my husband held him…

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Butterflies & Ladybugs in the Garden

Butterflies & Ladybugs in the Garden

After we went to the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, I decided I need to up the ante in Edison’s garden to get him even more butterflies coming by. The butterflies already like the current selection of red valerian and red geraniums, but I wanted to attract more with some more options for flowers. When I started creating Edison’s garden, I removed all of the plants in the area…

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Daily Dose of Edison - Butterfly Exhibit

Daily Dose of Edison – Butterfly Exhibit

Recently, we went to the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in downtown Los Angeles. Edison gets quite a few butterflies that come to his garden, and loves “talking” to them, so I figured he would be excited to see a whole exhibit of live butterflies. Sure enough, he chatted away to all of the butterflies in the exhibit. :)


The visit to the museum inspired a few changes that I…

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Weekly Dose of Edison - Catching Up

Weekly Dose of Edison – Catching Up

Occasionally, I make a list of goals for myself with social media. My current list includes:
1. Catch up on all of the blog posts I got behind with when I was really busy with planting in our garden remodels.
2. Resume my Weekly Dose of Edison posts.
3. Start using hashtags better on Instagram.

I started creating hashtags for our various gardens on our property, and I started adding a hashtag to…

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R.I.P. Sweet Baby Girl - Dealing with Miscarriage #6

R.I.P. Sweet Baby Girl – Dealing with Miscarriage #6

This past weekend, I had my sixth miscarriage. Six miscarriages is kind of a mind boggling thing to wrap your head around. Six of our babies that we did not get to meet (actually, it is more like seven babies we did not get to meet since we believe that our son Edison actually started out as a twin. Thankfully there was no miscarriage involved with that one though). I started thinking about how…

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Backyard Garden Tour - Flowers and Plants!

Backyard Garden Tour – Flowers and Plants!

This is the most exciting part of my backyard garden tour, where I show the flowers and plants I selected in more detail! In selecting my plants, I wanted to make sure that most were low-water plants (with the exception of the roses…those need more water but I justify it because they are my favorite and I use them for lots of culinary uses and herbal teas in the winter). I also gave myself the…

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Backyard Garden Tour - Shade Project

Backyard Garden Tour – Shade Project

Our front yard and side yard get lots of shade from our big pine trees, but our back yard gets very little shade. The concrete retaining walls also seem to magnify the heat back there, making it unbearably hot at times. To make the backyard more comfortable, we came up with a plan to make more available shade.

All of the garden structures (seen here) will eventually be covered with the climbing…

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Backyard Garden Tour - Furniture

Backyard Garden Tour – Furniture

These chairs were old Craigslist finds that we had from our old house. I painted them a while back, and we recently got new cushions for them. They are fun and colorful in Edison’s garden area. :)


These chairs float back and forth between our firepit area and the patio table. I found them for the firepit, but they happened to come with a table, which we then decided we wanted to use anyway.


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Backyard Garden Tour - Garden Accents

Backyard Garden Tour – Garden Accents

One of my favorite things about our backyard garden is all of the whimsical accents we added. We did a lot of shopping, and I collected some items that I just love peeking out in various areas of the garden. Our son Edison also loves to chatter at all of the various little garden animals tucked away in all the various corners. :) Most of the items shown below I found at Home Goods, Big Lots, 99…

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Backyard Garden Tour Continued - Garden Structures

Backyard Garden Tour Continued – Garden Structures

Continuing my detailed tour of our backyard garden makeover! This post features all of the various structures that we have in our garden.

The first structure is our big wooden pergola. My husband built this when we were at our old house that we were renting. He built is so that he would be able to take it apart and bring it with us. The diagonal pieces needed to be replaced, so my dad cut us some…

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Front Yard Garden Progress!

We have made some good progress on our project in our front yard garden! We have all of the grass out, and all of the new plants in. I have a mixture of drought tolerant plants mixed in with landscape succulents. There are also a few exceptions, like the Cecil Brunner climbing roses that I planted on the arbor (I am just crazy about roses, as you can tell from our back yard), and our fruit trees…

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How Huggies “Natural Care” Wipes Burned My Son’s Skin

How Huggies “Natural Care” Wipes Burned My Son’s Skin

I have very sensitive skin. I know many of our friends and family probably thought I was being a bit nuts when everything on our baby registry was organic and for sensitive skin, but I knew there was a good chance that our baby would end up with sensitive skin like mine. So far, we have been very lucky that he hasn’t had too many strong reactions to anything we have used on him. Normally, we…

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Read This Before Planning Your “Adults Only” Wedding

Read This Before Planning Your “Adults Only” Wedding

Recently, I have noticed a trend with weddings (at least the weddings in our family anyway). It seems that children are no longer welcome, and brides and grooms-to-be feel no shame in sending a wedding invitation and excluding family members under the age of 18. It seems that the idea is that people “deserve” a break from their children, and a wedding is the perfect time to “just get a sitter”.


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