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I have our little tree up!  I have been decorating this tree every year since I was about 12.  I always used to decorate it in a Nutcracker theme, with all silver and crystal ornaments, mostly ballet dancers and snowflakes.  I decided this year though that since this is the first year I am a married woman, it’s time to decorate it a little differently (something my husband will actually like).  He loves the rustic look, so I decided to do a little rustic/glam look for the tree.  It was super easy since I had a lot of sparkly ornaments already, and just gathered the rest from our yard.

I gathered up some little pine cones, twigs, and clipped some long strands of ivy from our yard.  I lightly spray painted all of these with a little gold paint and let them dry.  I used the ivy as part of my garland, and interspersed in the twigs and a few feathers.  I wrapped some twine around the pine cones to hang them.  I also added some eyelash yarn as another garland.  The silver garland is something I’ve been using for a long time and got at a dollar store.  It was actually a bunch of mardi gras necklaces that I cut into strands and tied together!  Super easy and cheap. :)

I grabbed a piece of burlap that was running around our yard to use as a tree skirt, and used a thin strip of burlap to make a big bow tree topper.  My husband wasn’t too into the big bow, but I think it will grow on him. :)  Hopefully next year we will have room for a regular sized tree!

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