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Happy New Year!  My husband and I generally eat pretty healthy, but when we both get busy with work, we tend to have less healthy dinner choices (particularly when I am busy editing a wedding).  One of our New Years’ resolutions is to eat healthier all the time, even when life gets a little crazy.  To help ourselves start the new year on the right foot, we spent some time together prepping some healthy options that will store well, and are ready for when we need them.

We made a couple of homemade soups, and canned them so they are ready any time.  I also prepped a bunch of casserole type dinners and stored them in the freezer so we have tons of options available to just throw in the oven whenever we are pressed for time.  I used lots of fresh vegetables, brown rice, organic whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat tortillas. It was super easy, and I am looking forward to having all these on hand for dinner options.

While our kitchen isn’t the smallest kitchen in the world, the layout of the house makes the kitchen more like a hallway than a lot of usable space.  As such, we have a pretty tiny fridge/freezer (it’s about as tall as I am!).  If I can fit in all these ready made dinners in our tiny little freezer, anyone can!

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