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New This Week in the Edible Garden!

1.  I thought I had lost these two heirloom leaf lettuce plants when the neighbor’s cat dug them up recently.  When I went down one morning, they looked pretty dead.  I tried to give them plant CPR, and hoped and prayed that they would spring back to life.  Luckily they were able to survive and are looking good once again!
2.  Beet seeds that I recently planted are sprouting next to the mint, their “companion plant”. I have a plastic edging divider around the mint so that the mint does not take over the beets.
3.  One of my two new rhubarb plants is starting to grow!  The other one still seems to be sleeping, but hopefully it will start growing soon as well.
4.  Sprouts for sandwiches and salads!  So easy to grow indoors, and fun to watch them change each day.  I couldn’t locate my cheesecloth in all of the kitchen boxes, so I used a scrap of lace for drainage at the top of the jar.  I think it’s actually much cuter with the lace anyway!
5.  The first of my nasturtium flowers (planted from seed) finally bloomed!  These are so tasty on salads, but I couldn’t help myself…I ate this little flower straight off the plant. :)
6.  Two of the bush bean varieties are holding hands. :)  I thought that was so cute.
7.  I am getting tons of cucumbers already!  I am in heaven with my nightly cucumber snack. :)
8.  The melon vines are growing like crazy!  I may have to research some vertical options for these….
9.  More new bean seedlings….
10.  This lettuce looks like it has had enough of the heat and may go to seed soon. :(  I am determined to have lettuce for salads as long as I possibly can.  Lettuce is a cool season crop, but I plant mine in the raised beds in the coolest micro-climate area of my garden, partially shaded by trees.  Also in this area, the retaining walls create a bit of a breeze since it is a bit more narrow of a space.  This is my season extender area…Where I will plant cool season crops when it starts to get a little warm, and where I will try to extend some warm weather crops into the cooler weather in my greenhouse.

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